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Free News Articles Home Business Free News Articles Government Energy Jobs Will Be Easier to Find for Virginians After Enactment of HB2008SB1348 Energy Jobs Will Be Easier to Find for Virginians After Enactment of HB2008SB1348
RICHMOND Melvin Ingram Shirt , Va. -- Energy sector jobs will be easier to find following Governor Northam's approval of HB2008 SB1348 earlier this year. The legislation creates a 17th Energy Career Cluster in the state's education system, says the Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium. An Energy Career Cluster will introduce students to career opportunities in energy and focus their education on the jobs needed to meet the industry's growing workforce needs.

"All forms of energy, traditional and renewable, rely on many of the same skills," said Matt Kellam Joey Bosa Shirt , chair of the Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium. "While those skills are currently taught in Virginia's schools in other industry clussters, there is little emphasis on how they apply specifically to supplying energy. With this legislation, we will ensure that students are better aware of the opportunities available in meeting our energy needs."

Under the language of the law, the Virginia Department of Education will align education programs with the energy industry competency and credential models developed by the Center for Energy Workforce Development in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor. This will guarantee that Virginia students' education in an array of fields related to energy will prepare them for energy jobs in the Commonwealth.

"I was proud to serve as the patron for House Bill 2008 during the 2019 session of the General Assembly," said Delegate T. Scott Garrett (R-Lynchburg). "Energy jobs are the backbone of the American economy and we need to make sure all students in the Commonwealth have a pipeline to access this vibrant sector of the 21st century workforce."

Creation of a 17th Energy Career Cluster is supported by a coalition of energy industry companies and business groups including the Virginia Chamber of Commerce Melvin Gordon Shirt , Lynchburg Regional Alliance, Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium, Dominion Energy, Washington Gas Philip Rivers Shirt , Virginia's Electric Cooperatives, and the Virginia Manufacturers' Association.

About the Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium:

Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium (VEWC) was formed in 2007 to engage energy companies and utilities in strategic, unified, and results-oriented efforts to ensure a skilled, qualified Easton Stick Shirt , and diverse workforce to meet future industry needs throughout the Commonwealth. VEWC members include representatives from electric, natural gas, renewable energy, and utility companies; contractors; organized labor unions; industry associations; secondary and postsecondary educational institutions; the public workforce system; and local, regional Drue Tranquill Shirt , and state government agencies. Learn more at: http:consortia.getintoenergyvirginiawho-we-are.

Related link: http:consortia.getintoenergyvirginia

This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.

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