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 Christian Kane
galen ( Gast )

30.07.2003 16:07
ck / seniors partners antworten

bonjour à tous! désolée mais je ne parle pas un mot d'allemand alors j'écris en français et en anglais.. certains d'entre vous vont-ils allés à londres pour la convention senior partners?

Hy everybody! sorry but I don't speak german at all so I write in french and in english... some of you will go at london for the seniors partners convention?


Peacefrog Offline


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12.08.2003 17:39
#2 RE:ck / seniors partners antworten

don't think so...too expensive

je suis desolée (if you write it like that....)

EscapeError Offline


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14.08.2003 02:21
#3 RE:ck / seniors partners antworten

i think so, too. 60 pounds - am i bill gates? i would kill somebody to see chris life, but i don't have the time and the money to go to "senior partners". fuck...

Lindsey: Ich hasse es, zu versagen, wenn ich es niemandem anhängen kann.

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18.08.2003 19:22
#4 RE:ck / seniors partners antworten

hey lets put our hands together and cry!! I'm sooo sad that i can't go there, but maybe someday he will come to germany-or france(excuse mois) . ok I know thats onlee a dream.
hold your heads up high

being crazy is a lonely road - but I've got onlee one life to live

Darla Offline


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31.08.2003 19:47
#5 RE:ck / seniors partners antworten

Same here... I'd love to go - but I've already spend all my savings. *sighs*

Can't someone fly over and kidnap Steve and Chris so they could also do an acoustic performance somewhere in Germany? :)

German C/Aers unite! Schaut 'mal vorbei auf meinem deutschem Board Just You
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