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01.07.2003 13:52
Keep Your Distance antworten

Habt ihr auch alle schon den Newsletter bekommen? Falls nicht:

Hey KANE fans! Sorry to be out of touch for so long. We've been busy working on some endeavors that you will know about at a later date. We tried putting together a 4th of July show, but the venue was not completed in time. That said, here is some new news on Christian's latest film project.

Christian has been in Kentucky for the last few weeks, and will be for a few weeks more, filming the feature called KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. The film is directed by Stu Pollard and produced by Stu Pollard & Christina Varotsis. We have very little info about the film, other than that you may also see another familiar KANE face in this picture. You can find more info at

In other KANE news, America High has now been downloaded over 5,000 times from our site and over 1,000 times from We are also happy to say that the debut CD is still selling strong, both domestically and abroad. Special thanks to the UK fans for your support! It's unbelievable!

Hope to be back to you all soon with more KANE news. In the meantime, enjoy your summer. We are.

Und auf der besagten Website gibts folgende summary zum Film:

KEEP YOUR DISTANCE is a character-driven dramedy about trust, and how love cannot exist in its absence. The story takes place in and around Louisville, Kentucky.

When David, a radio talk show host in Louisville, meets Melody, a pharmaceutical sales rep from out of town, they accidentally form a friendly bond based on something lacking in all of their other relationships: TRUST. As they each try to straighten out their lives--David hopes to keep his marriage intact and uncover the identity of an obsessive fan, while Melody stands perched on the edge of involvement with a man who could give her evertyhing--they grow increasingly reliant on one another for guidance. In a place where word travels fast and perception often overpowers reality, they both face choices that will change their lives forever. Ultimately, the only relationship that matters may be the one between the two of them. But will they discover that in time?

An original screenplay, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE draws inspiration from films such as AMERICAN BEAUTY, THE PLAYER, and CHASING AMY. It marks the second go-round at the feature level for writer/director Stu Pollard, whose first film was the independent romantic comedy NICE GUYS SLEEP ALONE.

Ich dachte, ich geb' die Info 'mal weiter...

German C/Aers unite! Schaut 'mal vorbei auf meinem deutschem Board Just You
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