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 Christian Kane
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14.01.2003 23:29
Interviews Antworten

Nachdem Just Married ja jetzt in den Ami-Kinos läuft und auch sehr erfolgreich ist (Box Office Number one; hat angeblich in der ersten Woche die Produktionskosten reingespielt), und The Crooked E erst neulich im US-TV lief, gibts ja einige Interviews mit Chris.
Bis jetzt habe ich sie immer im Just Married oder Crooked E thread gepostet, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob die überhaupt wer mitliest. Manche interessieren sich ja erst so richtig für die Projekte, wenn sie auch bei uns zu sehen sind. Deswegen mache ich jetzt einfach mal nen neuen Thread auf, ich hoffe, das ist OK.

Dieses hier wurde heute morgen auf maverick gepostet:

Christian Kane in Just Married

The ex-Angel star joins Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy in their new romantic comedy, Just Married. Here he tells how much fun he's been having.

Who do you play in the movie?
Peter Francis. He's a semi-evil bad guy. He has really good intentions, but he's used to getting what he wants. He's got a lot of money so he can buy whatever he wants or manipulate [people] with his charm. In this case, he doesn't get the girl, which he doesn't understand, so he becomes very obsessive about it. He flies to Italy to try to screw up the honeymoon and win the girl. We'll see how it plays out... You never know. He could end up with the girl!

Is this movie a comedy, a drama, or both?
I think the comedy is in the drama. You don't have to do slapstick comedy to get your point across. The lines are funny and the situations are funny. Shawn Levy [Just Married's director], let's you do your own thing, and that's great because you never know what's going to happen. We screwed up the take where Brittany slaps and punches me. We screwed up so bad that she slapped me, then punched me, then freaked out and left. That's the [take] they used.

Did you know Brittany or Ashton before this movie?
I had met Ashton a couple of times. I'm friends with a couple of his That '70s Show buddies: Wilmer [Valderama] and Topher [Grace]. Brittany Murphy and I had worked on Summer Catch together.

Has it been fun working with them?
It's very, very cool. Brittany can do whatever she wants — she's that talented. If she sets her mind to it, she can do it. And Ashton's a great man. I'm one of the luckiest guys in the world — this year I also made a film with Angelina Jolie [Life or Something Like It], and I'm doing something with Brittany Murphy — in my eyes two of the most talented women in Hollywood.

What did you guys do in Italy when you weren't working?
We went shopping, walking. I even went skiing in the Alps. I can't believe they let me go. I probably shouldn't have, but I went with the producer and the director and we were all tearing up the slopes. I think Brittany wanted to do a little shopping on that day and Ashton wanted to sleep late — he just took it easy.

Will you have a wrap party at the end of filming?
Yes, hopefully my rock band will perform. We're called Kane — my last name. I'm a singer-songwriter and I've got a really good guitarist, Steve Carlsen, who's my partner.

Doesn't Ashton play guitar, too?
Yeah, he plays and sings. We played a little bit [together] in Italy. We haven't played here, but I'm going to try to drag him up onstage if I get the opportunity.

You'll teach Ashton your song, so he can come up?
No, I think he'll just come up and do his own songs. He's got a lot of his own. He writes quite a bit. And Brittany sings like a bird. She sings at the drop of a hat. She'll bust out right in the middle of a really emotional crying scene into some Broadway song.

What are you working on next?
I'm going to have a couple of celebrity golf tournaments in Oklahoma, where my sister is also getting married, so I'm going to go back for that.

Und vollständigkeitshalber hier noch der link:

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15.01.2003 01:28
#2 RE:Interviews Antworten

Einen eigenen Interview-Thread finde ich gut, obwohl ich mich schon bemühe alle anderen mitzulesen...

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